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Thip Khao


Thip Khao


Thip Khao is a family run restaurant and home of the Lao food movement located on 14th Street in Columbia Heights, DC. It is the creation of Chef Seng and was born from her passion to bring an innovative, yet genuine Lao dining experience to Washington D.C. "Thip Khao" is referred to a bamboo wovened basket that holds sticky rice, a main staple grain eatened at every single Lao meal. Lao food is complex, it is diverse in flavors and textures, and it serves as a unique base to introduce one of a kind Lao food culture. Our menues changes monthly and based on traditional family recipes and old world dishes dating back to the 1800's. We constantly source indigenous Southeast Asian ingredients in the United States or ingredients that mimic to them, while utilizing locally sourced products. Our beverage team develops a unique variety of local beers, ciders, and wines that pairs well with our spicy and funky flavors. Our goal is to introduce Lao cuisine to its truest form and not hold back on any ingredients, flavors, or techniques. With this standard, We fill that our guests will be able to taste our native palate and deeply understand our culture.

Thip Khao, a true and honest Lao dining experience.


What is Lao Food?


What is Lao Food?

Every true Lao dining experience is not complete without family and friends to share great food with. Lao food is about bringing together people, genuine hospitality for anyone willing to try honest Laotian cuisine.
Prepare your senses for an adventure with Lao Cuisine's variety of spices, herbs, and vegetables ranging from lemongrass, dill, or spicy hot peppers!
Laos is a landlocked country, located in Southeast Asia. Food here is preserved and fermented, which means only one thing. Lao food is deliciously funky in all the right ways.




Contact Us

P : (202) 387-5426
E :


3462 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010


Mon: Lunch -- (CLOSED) Dinner -- 5:00--10pm
Weds: Lunch -- 12--3pm Dinner -- 5:00--10pm
Thurs: Lunch -- 12--3pm Dinner -- 5:00--10pm
Fri & Sat: Lunch -- 12--3pm Dinner -- 5:00--11pm
Sun: Lunch -- 12--3pm Dinner -- 5:00--10pm


Happy Hour: 5:00--7pm (Only at our bar)


Street parking are located along on 14th Street. There is public parking located near Giant Supermarket (2 blocks away from our location, off on Park Rd NW)


We are located 2 blocks from the Columbia Heights metro (Green/Yellow line).

Job Openings

If you are interested in joining our team please email to

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased either at the restaurant or call (202) 387-5426 to place an order. Gift cards MUST be picked up in store by purchaser or a designee of the purchaser.
$20 is the minimum allowed on the card.


Phone only. (202) 387-5426
12:00PM to 4:00PM, Wednesday through Monday. Reservations cannot be made by voicemail. If you any questions, please email:

Walk ins are always welcomed at our bar or our outdoor patio dining. First come, first serve.

Large Groups

Reserving for large parties ( 9 guests or more ), requires us to email a credit card authorization form with a credit card to be provided at the time of the reservation. please call (202) 387-5426. The credit card will not be charged unless the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of the reservation date. Also, no shows of the whole party within the reservation date and time will be charged. The cancellation fee is $50.00 per reservation party.